becomes is the website of European Stateless Nations and national minorities. Created in 1999, our platform provides information on the political, cultural and linguistic situation of peoples living in minority situations in Europe. Its objective is to disseminate information on minorities through research carried out for almost twenty years by Mikael Bodlore-Penlaez and numerous correspondents across Europe and the world. Since May 2020, the site is back online. After several years of inactivity, we are pleased to present the new version of the site, simpler, more practical, it allows to quickly know the situation of the peoples of Europe. Since 2020, has been associated with the ‘brand’, in order to show even more that the minority situation is only an accident in history and that the aspiration of many peoples is to be part of the concert of nations. Bretons, Basques, Catalans, Corsicans, Scots are all united to be part of the multiple nations of the world. We claim it and for, there is no doubt that the peoples of Europe must be able to live in full sovereignty in a federal Europe. Our platform still allows us to obtain a series of posters presenting a range … becomes